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Our History

Cheega Funeral Home has been a funeral home situated at it’s current location for more than 165 years, making it one of the oldest funeral homes in the United States. Founded by John Davidson, the funeral home was sold to The William Hannold Family in 1850. The Hannolds operated the business for nearly 100 years when it became the Snover Funeral Home. When the Snovers chose to relocate to Cinnaminson the Swedesboro facility was sold to Douglas Reymore in 1957, who operated the business until Dennis Cheega took over in August of 1974. 

It is difficult to find the precise date that Mr. Davidson established the funeral home. He was born January 16, 1814. At an early age he became an undertaker’s apprentice with William Scott of Woodbury. Upon completing his apprenticeship he married and began his own business, first located in Clarksboro, then after 10 year of business moving to the current location in Swedesboro. It is known that he operated the business for several years before selling to William Hannold. 

During the period the business was managed by Mr. Hannold, the business was housed in four buildings, The 1329 Kings Highway building housed facilities for viewings, a furniture/casket factory and furniture store. This building was expanded in 1864 and again in the early 1900s.  The 2nd building was a Victorian house, formerly located at 1325-27 Kings Highway. During the 1970s and 80s this building offices of Dr. Wilbraham and Dr. Zeid on the first floor as well as apartments on the2nd and 3rd floors. During the 1990s the building was converted into all apartments but was lost to fire in the early 2000s.. The 3rd building was a Carriage House/Garage which was formerly located behind 1325-27 Kings Highway and demolished by the Borough of Swedesboro 2013. The 4th building, a facility which housed viewing facilities for black funerals in the 1800s, was located behind the carriage house, became the original location of Swedesboro Publishing.  All four buildings were integral to the funeral business. It was common for Funeral Homes of the 1800s to also operate furniture making business from which caskets would also be manufactured when needed. During  the mid 1900s all business operations and living facilities were consolidated to the current 1329 Kings Highway building.   Mr. Cheega has been the owner/director since 1974.  

Kings Highway view of funeral home circa late 1800s

Kings Highway view of funeral home circa late 1800s 

Our Services

Pre Arrangement Services

Taking the guess work out of funeral planning can be one of the greatest gifts you can leave for your loved ones.  We provide numerous options for you.  

In addition we can also offer a variety of options for pre-funded arrangements. 

Funeral Services


All of our services are provided with our personal care and attention to detail.  It is our belief that the death of a loved one should be handled with dignity, care and distinction.  
Each person, each family and each funeral is treated with respect for those for whom we care

We can provide: 

Traditional  Funerals

Personalized Funerals

Direct Burials

Cremations Services

We provide a complete array of Cremation Services, including:

Traditional Services followed by Cremation

Direct Cremation 

and a wide variety of Memorial Service options

We offer numerous options of Urns and memorial pieces.

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